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Welding Feeder MIG/MAG DC PATON BPI 250 PRO (15-2)

The PATON BPI 250 PRO 15-2 DC digital welding wire feeder is designed for use with an external welding source in semi-automatic MIG/MAG welding, where the source generates the welding current and the feeder ensures stable wire feeding to the welding spot.


The feeder has its own power source supplying the motor, protective gas valve and control system. A characteristic feature of PATON™ feeders is a very powerful, high-quality sealed metal wire feeding mechanism, as well as the integrated KZ-2 “EURO” type connector, which has become a standard worldwide, allowing the user to change the holder at will in the future. A protective gas supply valve is installed in the device.


When the feeder is working, its internal control system reads signals coming from the KZ-2 socket transmitted by the button in the holder. At the right moment it switches on the protective gas supply valve, after a predetermined delay it transmits the signal to switch on the power source, then it switches on and stabilises the speed of the wire feeder motor rotation. Once the process is complete, all elements are switched off in reverse order with the required delays. By default, all parameters are set to optimum.


The device is optimised for use with PATON™ production sources. Its adaptation is very simple and takes very little time, as the design of the device already provides a fitting place for socket connection and source installation.


A protection module against under- and overvoltage is built into this PATON™ production model.


The kit includes:

  • PATON BPI 15-2 feeder
  • Wire feeder rollers 1x (0.6 – 8.0), 1x (1.0 – 1.2) V
  • Cardboard packaging
  • Quick connector for gas
  • Operating instructions